isral Duke is a Google, Adobe, and W3C certified UX Designer. He has over ten years doing user experience and user interface design in software.



My experience ranges from small agencies to .NET shops to enterprise-sized teams.

My main career objective is to be an UX Designer to create awesome, user-centered experiences for apps, websites, icons, and even logos. Read my résumé if you’re interested in knowing even more, but here’s a snippet.

Logo for Office of Technology Services. Designed by isral Duke.

UX Designer, UI Designer

I discovered client needs, created wireframes and mockups for web application interfaces. I wrote markup using Bootstrap 4 for internal software, taught legacy developers modern web development practices, created a design system, advised outsource vendors on federal requirements for accessibility, and taught business analysts wireframing practices in Figma. I wrote design team policies, processes, mentored junior designers, created a design system, and became the lead UX Designer.

Logo for Envoc.

UX Designer, UI Designer, Frontend

I did mobile app UX planning for health industry and government use, designed UIs for mobile apps, discovered client needs for market positioning, planned site and app information architecture with stakeholders, determined data points for client editing in CMS-enabled websites, designed website and app mockups, wrote frontend HTML and CSS, trained and wrote documentation for clients, interviewed and hired new design staff members, and wrote design department policies.

My proudest project at Envoc was doing the UI and UX design for LA Wallet.

Logo for Stun Design.

UX Designer, UI Designer, Frontend

I discovered client needs and goals for their websites, created sitemaps with the client, determined data points for client editing in the CMS-enabled websites, created wireframes to document requirements for in-house print designers or outsource designers, designed website mockups, wrote frontend HTML and CSS, trained clients and wrote documentation, and reviewed analytics for content and site plans.

Logo for Pinion LMS.

UI Designer

As the multi-roled designer at PinionLMS, I did UX planning and UI design for the computer based training web application, designed and implemented SVG icon sprites, refactored front end code from legacy HTML/CSS to Bootstrap 3 and LESS, and general graphic design.

Logo for St James Technologies. Designed by isral Duke.

UI Designer, Visual Designer

I designed user interfaces for web and mobile applications, designed marketing and brand assets for sales and legal, including drawing this patent illustration and drawing this patent illustration, executed product photography, wrote frontend code for several marketing sites, and designed icons.

Logo for I.T. by Design. Designed by isral Duke.

Design Specialist

I designed user interfaces for web, mobile, and desktop applications, designed brand assets for marketing, designed client web sites and wrote associated frontends, designed icons for web applications, illustrated marketing assets such as ads, and acted as the brand manager.


UX Skills

  • Accessible Content Development
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research

Design Skills

  • Accessible & Inclusive Design
  • Creative Cloud
  • Figma
  • Graphic Design

Technical Skills

  • Accessible Markup
  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub

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