Tom Haralson and Associates

Logo for an organizational development consultant.

Project Details

About the Client

Tom Haralson and Associates is an organizational development consultancy. They use human resources and learning theory to create training programs. Their philosophy holds that leaders should be the first to initiate positive change.

Design Inspiration

The logo mark is inspired by a team of people pulling together, showing the leader first in line to do the work. The logo mark is strong, solid, and flexible, like a team of people. Their name is long so we abbreviated it down to just “THA”.

We learned that a phonetic sounding of “THA” as “tha” also sounds like the Vietnamese word for “forgiveness.” As their philosophy nurtures human relationships, forgiveness is a nice addition to working relationships.



UX Skills

  • Accessible Content Development
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research

Design Skills

  • Accessible & Inclusive Design
  • Creative Cloud
  • Figma
  • Graphic Design

Technical Skills

  • Accessible Markup
  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub

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